Olivia & Hale​​​​​​​

In the poem Genesis, two souls named Olivia and Hale were pulled into a realm of purgatory called the Shroud. Its guardian, currently known as Reaper, forced them to play a game whereby they were both submerged in a device called the Timestream- a pond that grants the power of reincarnation. Using an object called the Anchor, Reaper informed Olivia and Hale they would have to die 28 times with their sanity intact. Submerged in the pond, the two would have to traverse multiple lifetimes and identities, finally facing death in each iteration. From the beginning of human history, Olivia and Hale endured each time period and its methods of death, from illness to war, sword to plague. 
As Reaper recognized their bond was holding them together, the prospects of their victory spooked him, and he perverted the Anchor's nature, manipulating time and space to separate them. Hale continued on, while Olivia was sent backwards in time, reincarnating as Nancy Whitaker (Mercy Road). Having avoided procreation until now, Nancy had two children- Harper and Charlie. Upon her suicide in Mercy Road, Olivia returned to the Shroud, where Reaper had cloaked her body in his dressings and told Hale to drive a dagger into her abdomen, and Olivia died in his arms.
However, at the moment of death, Reaper's manipulations of the Anchor had doubled Olivia's essence, and only one died in the Shroud. With her body destroyed, Olivia learned Hale had become the Shroud's new guardian, sending Reaper into retirement. Determined to save her old friend, Olivia set out to be a counterbalance to Hale's machinations.