From the author of the Olivia & Hale series comes the first instalment in an epic fantasy world. On the continent of Sommerland, where free cities are held together by a patchwork Commonwealth, and a paranoid Emperor indulges the worst tendencies of Men, Vee is a D'aille running through the streets of Aloessia, with the city guard in pursuit of her. Different only for the purple streaks which adorn her face and arms, all D'aille end up dead or in slavery to Men. But Vee is different- a Syrossian princess, cast out for the very markings Men hunt her for.

Lara Braede, a survivor of a ruthless attack on her home island, arrives in Aloessia with her brother Antam. After a chance meeting with the D'aille fugitive, Lara seeks to console her own loss by learning more about Vee. And as Aloessia comes to reap the many sins it has committed against the D'aille, their new friendship launches them into an adventure across the continent. Meeting allies and foes along the way, the three youths attempt to reach the isolated D'aille reserve of Rivera....where Vee might find redemption, or be brought to heel at last by her pursuers. 

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