The Olivia & Hale Series
Olivia & Hale is the saga of two souls, pulled into a realm of purgatory called the Shroud and forced to play a mad Reaper's game of reincarnation. From the epic poem Genesis, which sets the stage for the conflict to come; to the five novels, three short stories and two additional poems tell the story of a tragic friendship which seeps into real world history and conflicts. Blending sombre dramas LEONARD THE LIAR and MERCY ROAD with action packed outings like DEAD'S HAVEN and the epic fantasy conclusion in OLIVIA & HALE, the complete collection is available together for the first time, exclusively on Kindle.
Weaving a tale that transcends space and time, the journey begins in LEONARD THE LIAR, as Leonard is approached by his ex-flame just weeks before his wedding to Claire. Told she has only a short window to live, Skylar's reappearance leaves Leonard scrambling to help her, while concealing his actions from Claire...which could undo everything.  
In MERCY ROAD, we meet Harper Whitaker, who is a 13-year-old girl, reeling from the death of her mother Nancy. This leaves her in the care of her father George, a police officer; and Charlotte, her therapist at the Mercy Road health clinic. It is during sessions with Charlotte that Harper recounts her moral struggles after discovering a woman held prisoner in her neighbour's cellar. 
In FOUNDING FATHERS, a backwater American town becomes the flashpoint for a white nationalist movement, which spreads across the U.S. on the back of the modern Internet, even as the town's citizens rise up against it. We meet Peter, a low-level drug runner for Viktor Quinn and his girlfriend Sydney. As Peter is drawn further into Viktor's twisted worldview, he will have to decide what side of history he wants to be on, and how far he will allow Viktor and Sydney go in their quest to return America to a more eugenic future. 
In the sequel DEAD'S HAVEN, we return to the same town, now fallen into the hands of a violent band of marauders, declaring secession from the United States government, just as supernatural forces clash over its survival. A man accompanied by a troublesome orphan and the ghost of his dead wife ventures to the outlaw town of Haven, where he finds himself drawn into a conflict that could change the world forever. 
And in OLIVIA & HALE, characters from across the saga defy genre, death and logic to awaken in a purgatorial realm called the Shroud, where the sky is purple and New York City is desolate but for the monsters that roam its streets. Six strangers awaken in this realm and must work together to escape the crescendo of a war between fallen angels Olivia and Hale. 
This collection includes all relevant supplemental material, including the poems GENESIS, OLIVIA'S WAR, OLIVIA'S GAMBLE and OLIVIA'S SORROW, as well as the short stories REAPER & HALE, REUNION and HAVEN'S FALL.